About 762Tactical


762Tactical started in 2002, out of demand for high quality, functional, and cost effective gear for the most popular weapon systems. We started making gear for people/soldiers that needed pouches and chest rigs for weapons other than the M16/M4 Carbine. Today, we make full range of extremely high quality gear for the most popular weapons systems in the world; including the AK47, the venerable M1 Garand, and of course the M16/M4 Carbine.

We have provided gear to everyone from the most elite Special Forces soldier to your average guy (and a fair amount of you ladies). Our gear has proven itself in the


harshest conditions of Iraq and Afghanistan. We use the highest quality materials, meeting or exceeding MilSpec standards. Our gear is built to last.

All 762Tactical products are hand made in the USA, at our production facility in Redding, California. We are not a design company that sends our products out to cut and sew shops. There are no middle men. You buy direct from us. That is how we can bring you the best quality product, for the absolute best price.

As American gun lovers, we know that you have the widest selection of weapons to choose from.



We want you to have the best gear possible for your favorite weapon. If you can’t find gear on our website for your rifle, contact us. We have made gear for just about everything. If we haven’t, we can custom build you what you need!


Owner, designer, and the guy who sews your gear,


Colin Baird
Founder, 762Tactical